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Something on my bicycle has been clicking, sounding like a sharp clicking...almost like a suspension creak from an old truck. It was most noticeable when putting power down. It seemed like it was originating ivo the crank. I had recently changed pedals also.

I went through the usual suspects: chainring bolts, FD mounting, pedals (removed and re-installed) and also inspected the front end. Nothing was loose. The bike is nearly new with about 1000 miles on it.

I was unable to tell whether the sound was there when coasting/not pedalling as the drivetrain clicking masked the sound. I was just about the get into the BB but decided to take it for one more quick ride.

As I pulled off, I lost my balance a bit and pulled hard on the bars and I heard the sound!

Turns out the sound was coming from the bars, 2 of the 4 bolts were torqued incorrectly (one was loose). It was noticeable when putting power down because I was pulling on the bars when spinning hard. I loosened all 4, retorqued then and the sound went away.

I'm glad I found it before I pulled the BB!

Lesson Learned: Check ALL bolts for tightness/proper torque when chasing down a random sound. Start with the easy stuff.
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