This year marks the 20th anniversary of CLIF Bar products hitting the market. In celebration of the milestone, company founder and Co-CEO Gary Erickson created GARY's PANFORTE, a limited-edition CLIF Bar full of fruits, nuts and spices that was inspired by his early cycling adventures over Northern Italy's Passo di Gàvia. Made with organic ingredients, Gary's Panforte is full of fruits, nuts, spices and citrus notes, just like the Italian staple that has been around for hundreds of years. The bar has a flavorful blend of 23 ingrediants, including many new to CLIF Bar but typical in Italian Panforte, including crunchy hazelnuts and pistachios, sweet figs and pears, citrus peel and hints of cinnamon, ginger and coriander.

"GARY's PANFORTE is our way of acknowledging the people who have celebrated 20 years of adventures with us," Erickson said. "I never could have imagined that an idea on a bike ride with a friend 20 years ago would take us on such an incredible journey. I am appreciative every single day of what we have created and want to thank all the people who have helped us along the way."

Gary's Panforte - Available while supplies last. MSRP $1.39

Also new from CLIF is a new Chocolate Cherry flavor for their popular CLIF Shot Bloks line. So new, they haven't finalized the packaging as of yet. The new Chocolate Cherry flavor boasts 50mg of caffeine per serving and is a nice subtle blend of chocolate and a hint of cherry. Note - each sleeve contains two servings, so one sleeve will give you 100mg of caffeine, about the equivalent of a 12 ounce cup of coffee.

CLIF Shot Blok - Chocolate Cherry Flavor - Available this fall

For fans of CLIF's Builder Bars, the high protein bar (20 grams of protein versus the typical 9-11 grams found in regular CLIF bars), there are three new flavors now available. Crunchy Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, and S'mores bring the total flavor count to eight. All are kosher, vegan friendly, free of wheat and dairy and are considered low glycemic foods.

CLIF Builder's - Crunchy Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, and S'mores Available Now MSRP $1.99

Rounding out the new products from CLIF is a brand new bar, Kit's Organic. Born from the CLIF's heritage of seeking new ways to make a better bar - one that is nutritious, tastes delicious and is made with organic ingredients. Kit's Organic is the vision of Kit Crawford, co-CEO of CLIF Bar & Company. Inspired by Kit's own experiences on her family farm and in her kitchen, Kit's Organic is crafted with 100 percent organic fruit and nuts. Available in four flavors - Cashew, Berry Almond, Chocolate Almond Coconut, and Peanut Butter. All flavors are USDA-certified organic and are full of flavor, packed with tender fruit and crunchy nut pieces.

CLIF Kit's Organic - All four flavors Available Now MSRP $1.59

Chris from CLIF runs through all the new flavors and bars from CLIF...

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