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Hi all. I am a Virgin to this forum. I am an avid rider in Maine. We road bike about 100-130 miles a week. I currently have Flite 700 KHS with full Campy. I have had a Fuji Pro. I am looking at a stiffer frame. The Alluminum fram with the carbon front and rear is just not enough.

Of course most of us have a budget. The Colagano I want is to pricey. What do you all reccomend?

My friend Lonnie directed me to this forum.

I am looking at a 61-62 frame. I perfer a new ride but If used must have low miles and no older than 1 year old.

I am as mechanical as a flea. I would like to build a bike but it would turn into a tricycle with a bananna seat.

My email is [email protected]

I look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks for your time reading.

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Well I was going to say Colnago, but you kinda nixed that. I'm a clyde and that's what I ride. I have two in fact.

I'd recommend steel though, no matter what some kid at a bike shop tries to tell you. You wreck or even drop an aluminum or CF frame, and you might just ruin it (been there, done that). They are strong just not durable.

Keep a steel frame clean and don't store it wet, and it'll last for just about ever. Colnago steel looks so nice too. See....
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