Tyler, TX - Cobb Cycling has announced the immediate availability of its Max saddle, the latest addition to John Cobb's line of rider-friendly bicycle saddles. Cobb has worked with many of the best cyclists and triathletes in the world, including Lance Armstrong and Greg LeMond, and has been considered one of the foremost authorities on aerodynamics, ergonomics, biomechanics and component design for over two decades.

Cobb developed the Max - available in both white and black - to provide maximum comfort for triathletes, time trialists and cyclists of all disciplines. The lowered nose section combined with the deeply cut pressure-relief trough is designed to reduce pressure on the perineum, which includes a man's prostate area and a woman's most sensitive soft tissue. The Max utilizes the same narrow rear section of Cobb's popular V-Flow models which does two things: 1) it encourages male and female riders to sit further back on the saddle, even when in an aero position, better incorporating their skeletal system for support via their sit-bones, and 2) it also facilitates the more natural rotation of a rider's hips for better efficiency and power.

One feature of the Max saddle is a new, higher density foam. "Ongoing testing with riders who spend a lot of time on their bikes demonstrated that a firmer surface can provide longer-lasting comfort if the seat is shaped correctly," explained Cobb. "The new foam will save weight while providing enhanced comfort for long rides and high volume training." Cobb also explained that the rail design of the Max will make it easier for riders to achieve ideal positioning and proper setback for UCI-sanctioned events: "It boasts one of the longest sets of rails available, so the Max will easily adjust to a rider's desired position." The Max weighs 255 grams and is readily identified by its distinctive shape.