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Thanks to those who helped with my "absolute confusion on chainline" thread below.

It looks like my best solution is to go with the chainring on the inside of the cranks- I actually really like the way it looks that way. My only potential problem is chainstay clearance with the ring. My spindle length choices with the Octalink bottom bracket are 109.5 (Ultegra, 105?) and 112.5 (XTR), the other available lengths are too long to consider. 109.5 will give me a front chainline of 41.5mm (42 in the rear), and the 112.5 will give me a front chainline of 44.5mm. The 44.5mm chainline is worse than 41.5mm, but may give me a more comfortable distance between the ring and the chainstay. A 2.5 - 3mm deviation in chainline sure doesn't look like much on paper- is it really that big of a problem? If it is, is it possible to space the rear cog by 2 or 3mm? I have no idea if there is any room for adjustment on track hub treads, or what I would use for spacing.

Thanks for any help.
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