SAN CARLOS, Calif. - Ritchey Design, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of the Webcor Builders woman's pro cycling team to its roster of sponsored teams, along with renewed sponsorship agreements with professional teams Colavita/Baci presented by Cooking Light, Jamis-Sutter Home presented by Colavita and United Healthcare presented by Maxxis.

"Ritchey is proud of each of the teams it has chosen to support for the 2010-11 season," said John Frechette, chief operating officer for Ritchey Design. "From the men's Colavita team snagging the 2009 NRC Men's team competition to Tina Pic dominating the Criterium National Championship, partnerships with pro teams allow us to really show what Ritchey products are capable of."

Webcor Builders Women's Pro Cycling Team
Hailed as the longest-established women's professional cycling team in North America, Webcor Builders riders will benefit from Ritchey's first pro team wheel sponsorship. Team members, including Olympians Katheryn Curi Mattis, Gina Grain, Erinne Willock and Alex Wrubleski, will train and race on a combination of WCS Zeta, SuperLogic Clincher and SuperLogic Tublar wheels.

In addition to riding Ritchey wheels, the San Francisco Bay Area -based team will also hit its 2010-11 season with Ritchey WCS 4-Axis Stems, WCS Alloy 1-Bolt Posts and WCS Carbon Hammerhead Time Trial bars.

Colavita/Baci Women's Cycling Team presented by Cooking Light
Back for the second year, Ritchey will continue to supply Colavita/Baci with lightweight, stiff and high quality components including WCS Alloy Logic II (Wet White) and WCS Classic Bars, WCS 4-Axis Stems (Wet White), Pro 30D Stems, Comp Adjustable Stems and WCS Alloy 1-Bolt Seatposts (Wet White).

Following the team's domination in criteriums last year, the 2010-11 team plans to extend its winning record to all types of racing, including time trials and stage races, with several new riders including two-time Olympian Kate Bates and National Time Trial Champion Jessica Phillips, to name a few.

Jamis-Sutter Home Men's Pro Cycling Team presented by Colavita
Finishing the 2009-10 season as the number one men's team in the U.S., with 20-plus victories and podium appearances and five riders in the top 15 of the National Ranking Calendaring (NRC)'s individual rankings, the Jamis-Sutter Home team (formerly Colavita/Sutter Home) plans to carry that momentum into the 2010-11 season by winning races and individual stages.

The team members, including "dream team" Sebastian Haedo, Luis Amaran and Alejandro Borrajo, will pursue this goal on Ritchey WCS Alloy Logic II (Wet White), WCS Classic and SuperLogic Logic II bars, WCS 4-Axis stems (Wet White), Pro 30D stems and WCS Alloy 1-Bolt Seatposts (Wet White).

United Healthcare Men's Pro Cycling Team presented by Maxxis
The United Healthcare pro cycling team (formerly OUCH) added more to its 2010-11 season than just a new name. Seasoned veterans Rory Sutherland, Chris Baldwin, Roman Kilun and Bradley White, among others, will be joined by a number of new riders including sprinters Jake Keough and Eric Barlevav, stage racers Morgan Schmitt and Max Jenkins, Jonny Clarke, Matt Crane, Marc de Maar and Adrian Hegyvary.

The team will be riding WCS Alloy Logic II, Classic and Curve bars, WCS Carbon Hammerhead TT bars, Edge TT forgings, WCS 4-Axis Stems, WCS 44 4-Axis Stems and WCS Alloy 1-Bolt Seatposts.

"We use Ritchey products because we need to have the best quality products on our bikes to win," said Thierry Attias, president of Momentum Sports Group LLC, owners and operators of the UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team presented by Maxxis. "Ritchey products have been completely reliable, extremely light, and easy to use; they are an integral part of our team's success."

For more information about the products listed above or to follow highlights of Ritchey's sponsored teams throughout the 2010-11 season, please visit www.ritcheylogic.com.

About Ritchey Sponsorships
Founded on Tom Ritchey's own passion of riding and racing, for 35 years Ritchey Design has been dedicated to supporting profession and grassroots cycling teams across the globe. On the International level, Ritchey partners with Lampre Fondital Pro Cycling Team. In the US Professional circuit, Ritchey partners with Jamis-Sutter Home Men's Pro Cycling Team presented by Colavita and United Healthcare Men's Pro Cycling Team presented by Maxxis. In the women's professional field, Ritchey partners with Webcor Builders Women's Cycling Team and Colavita/Baci Women's Cycling Team presented by Cooking Light. On the Grassroots level, Ritchey supports more than 100 teams across the United States and Canada. For inquiries regarding Ritchey sponsorship please visit www.ritcheylogic.com.