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I took up cycling about 3 months ago (even though I'm 49 yo) and this morning was my first ride where the temperature was below 32 degrees.

I had a couple situations come up that haven't happened before on my 2000 GF Mamba (with road tires).

One was a "scratching" sound that seemed to go the same speed as the front tire...maybe the front brake was stiff and stayed on the front tire instead of releasing?

The other was a failure of my gears to shift properly...going to a harder gear seemed to work about half as well as it should and going to an easier gear barely worked at all.

Are both of these problems due to the 28 degree weather? If so, is there a way to correct these issues and still ride in colder temps?

If these are related to the cold, would a true road bike (looking at a Giant Contend for a Spring purchase) have any less problems with the cold weather?

Thank you very much for your help and advice!

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