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I have found that rear derailleur performance degrades at around 0F. One chain vendor I checked (Tsubaki) did not recommend using any of their roller chain below 8F at that time. They may have newer products that work at lower temperatures.

It may also be that the salt sludge starts freezing around 0F and it gums up the chain. It does build up on the frame.

I do switch to a very low viscosity lube on chain and cables once winter really gets here. Also, the compounds that are applied to roads to deal with ice can be murder on chains and cables. Again, regular use of a low viscosity lubricant is important.

Beyond that, you don't work as well at very cold temperatures as you do at warmer ones. Very cold weather can change your perception of how your bike is performing.

And, as has been pointed out, at the temperatures you are looking at (28F), I would look at lubrication and adjustment of the chain and the derailleurs. I was riding in 20F recently and my bike was working just fine.
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