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Colnago C40

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I have a C40 Frameset i am trying to build up that i bought from ebay. I didn't get any barrel adjusters on the frame and it seems like one of them is left hand thread while the other is a standard M5 .80 pitch adjuster. Does anyone have any insight into this maybe a place I can buy one from ?
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that maybe an idea which one would you run ?
I think Chorus is the sweet spot in the Campy line up.
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I think Chorus is the sweet spot in the Campy line up.
This is also my choice.
so im slowly putting my bike together it seems like the rear brake has an odd ball size nut anyone have any insight about this
im building a set of wheels for my c40 build i have dt swiss 240 hubs and mavic open pro rims looking for a stong set of wheels. What kind of spokes do you guys recommend ?
im going to be running dura ace 7800 shifters I feel like I really enjoy these shifters with the rest being ultegra 6700. I would run a full 7800 groupset but I'm not strong enough to not have a compact crankset
would my serial number be on the front derailer hanger ?
21 - 28 of 28 Posts