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Sold my LOOK 595 frame and transferred my groupset over to this new frame.

Frame admittedly is 2 years old, been hanging from the wall at the LBS. Its untouched, brand new condition, reason for this is that the fork had to be cut during bike building.

Campy Record 2007 groupset
Campy Record threadless headset
Campy Record italian BB
Swisstop yellow pads
Lightweight standard wheels w/ continental GP4000 tires
Selle Italia SLR kit carbon saddle
Cinelli ram jam 2 'bianca' handlebar
Elite moro water cages

Rides like a dream, frame size is T52, center of BB to top of saddle is 70cm.

Enjoy the pictures.


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cpark said:
No doubt that your Colnago looks sweet and you love it but your review seemed little wacky......
Much faster, comfortable, smoother and stabel than 595?????
Hi Cpark....

I urge you to test ride a Colnago.... maybe go to and get on their demo bike program.

The LOOK 595 is a nice bike but I am lucky to ride with 2 other Colnago bike owners in my group. and I fell head over heels with my friend's Colnago Cristallo with its ride feel.

My analogy in automobile terms is such...
The LOOK 595 is.... a!!! but its assemblyline made!

The Made in Italy Colnago is a ferrari.... fast, yet luxurious and has head turning WOWness. Italians are all about aesthetics and custom crafted pedigree stuff....impractical, loud, etc etc...yeah perhaps. but cycling such high end bikes is all about image and whoring it out isn't it? otherwise lets all just buy a regular aluminium frame from Taiwan and regular wheels and groupset.

Think about it.... you want a new ferrari...they make you wait, not too long to make you hate the wait and find alternatives but enough for you to pine and savour the satisfaction the moment you get it...., same with Colnago... the mystique and prestige is second the none.

you want a corvette....go to your nearest chevy dealer, drop the cheque and minutes're ready to drive out of the lot.

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boras are 4 - 5 pieces of carbon bonded together, lw are 1 piece carbon rims.

boras can be trued / repaired if the wheel becomes un-true / not straight. lw are suppose to be true....for a long long time....factory backs it.

boras with the decals look fierce, lw are more zen / clean looking.

I think boras aren't as aero as lw wheels. LW are virtual bomb proof..... I accidentally rode thru a pot hole recently...OUCH!!!! but not a scratch / foul up after.

boras here in asia come with wheel bag and skewers, lw wheels come as it is...not wheel bag, no skewers...

boras need external wheel magnets, lw come with in-built magnets for the computer....nice trick thing to have.

boras aren't handmade... in fact I'm not sure where they are made in?? lw are handmade.

it comes down to personal preference... what you like in the wheels. some love the clicking of the hub from campy / fulcrum. some hate it. some love the mavics over campy etc etc.

I personally picked the LW cos its extremely exclusive here in asia( just like 24inch chrome wheels with spinners, and deep dish...ABSOLUTE BALLER!!!!).... not many ppl have the budget / the insane brains to go out and buy a set of wheels that costs more than the greater majority of good frames.

I've seen boras.....on at least 2 - 3 other bikes on saturday mornings. they are like 24 inch chrome wheels with spinners.... stunning but not as knock out as least to me.

I haven't ridden the boras so I can't comment.

end of the day...can one justify the extra $1500 or so difference in price between the 2 wheels?? I can't comment, it comes down to the individual.

as for sizing of the 51cm vs 52cm traditional colnago frame? I should have picked the 51cm traditional frame. but its only 1cm difference in seat tube length.... top tube length difference is 4mm.... hardly anything really... just run a shorter stem.

btw, 48cm frame is equivalent to 52cm traditional...research on the virtual top tube of sloping 48 and the actual top tube on T52....SAME!!!! most catalogues do not show it...but colnago distributors might have it....!

last but not the least...real enthusiasts buy colnagos in traditional geometry.... not the commercial sloping frames.

traditional frame bikes don't have the extended seat post look... but thats what traditional frame bikes look like. old skool!!!!!

end of the day....I built my bike using as much high end italian parts as possible minue wheels....headset used is campy record headset. I couldn't get hold of colnago headset, and I refuse to put chris king headset. nothing wrong with chris king...but my reason is that they made their name / reputation in mtn bike headsets.

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merckxman said:
to go along with the bike. It's a GIRO Atmos Polka Dot.
Giro Atmos Polka Dot helmet....check

KOM jersey....check

Polka Dot - KOM Extreme C Colnago bike.... check

but I can't bring myself to wear white tights.......
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