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Colnago - Picture post thread

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I find that Colnagos are some of the most beautiful eye candy on the road--Old & New

So I find it amusing that there is little comprehensive information on makes, models, paint scheme availability etc. Oftentimes the information I find is incomplete, contradictory, or non-existent. History seems to focus on the company and racing teams. I think there was an attempt at but I've not seen any activity on that webpage for months. (Anyone home?)

I also find it surprising that the colnago forum is the only one without a picture thread.
( I searched to no avail)

So I will start one here:

Please post a picture of your Colnago and list some details for our enjoyment.

Example: Year, Paint Scheme, build details

I'd like to see other Colnago Bikes
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My Colnago stable...

Aluminum Lux Dream:
Bicycle Wheel Tire Land vehicle Bicycles--Equipment and supplies

Steel Master:
Bicycle Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Wheel Tire Crankset

Titanium Monotitan:
Bicycle Wheel Tire Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Crankset

Carbon C40:
Bicycle Wheel Tire Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Crankset

Carbon C50:
Bicycle Wheel Tire Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Crankset

Steel 1988 XL (bare frame, being built up over the Winter):
Footwear Bicycle Tire Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Bicycle wheel

Aluminum VIP 2000 (Christmas present for a girlfriend who wanted to upgrade from her garage sale Schwinn, lol):
Bicycle Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Tire Bicycle frame Crankset
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1881 - 1882 of 1882 Posts
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