Colorado Springs, CO - Carmichael Training Systems, Inc. is now the official coaching authority of the U23 Colombian National Team. Colombia has a rich history in professional cycling, and CTS is proud to contribute to the development of the next generation of Colombian cycling champions. "These young men are coming up through the ranks," said CTS Founder Chris Carmichael, who raced in Colombia in the late 70s and early 80s as a young amateur on the US National Cycling Team. "They are the future of the elite team and we are excited to help them reach their long term goal of riding in the Tour de France."

The Colombian team boasts a tremendous amount of talent. With Under-23 World Cycling Champion, Fabio Duarte, and Colombian National Champion Sergio Henao Montoya, the team already has a proven record of success at home and abroad. Going directly to the top, the coaches and directors of U23 Colombian National team contacted CTS for help with their training and nutrition program. "We were happy to help out and work in conjunction with the coaches on the ground," says CTS Premier Coach Jim Lehman.

In January, Chris Carmichael and a team of four CTS Coaches headed to Colombia for one week to get to know the riders, optimize their cycling positions, and teach them to use power meters. Premier Coach Jim Lehman, Pro Coach Colin Izzard, Expert Coach Brady Irwin, and Senior Coach Jessica Niles, joined Chris Carmichael to provide on-site coaching in Colombia and begin the process of developing long-term coach-athlete relationships. The coaches, while now back in the US, are still able to track their athletes progress by analyzing power files and communicating with the athletes via phone and email.

"The riders are making great progress now that they are working with power and adapting to more powerful, comfortable, and aerodynamic positions on their bikes," commented Expert Coach Brady Irwin. The team's training will be put to the test this spring during a two-month circuit of races in Europe. Following their European campaign, the team will return to Colombia's high-altitude training environment to prepare for their goal of racing well in the Tour de l'Avenir on the 5-13th of September.

"The team has a tremendous amount of raw talent and may very well be the starting point for some great professional cyclists. It is a wonderful opportunity for both the Colombia National Team and Carmichael Training Systems to work together to help these young men realize their full potential," says Carmichael.