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translated with bablefish..........

30/06/2006 - Cycling - TDF

The eye of Jean-François Bernard

During all the Turn of France, our consultant Jean-François Bernard delivers his analysis to us on the outstanding facts of the day.

"is Jean-François Bernard, which your reaction to the advertisement of the ousting of several favourites of the Turn following the business of doping revealed by the Spanish government?
The setting with the variation of runners such as Ivan Basso, Jan Ullrich or Francisco Mancebo changes completely gives it and opens beautiful prospects for all the outsiders. It is one of the first times where large leaders are blamed in a business of this kind and it is hoped that that will be able to apply a brake at the recurring system of doping.

To which must return the responsibility to exclude a runner, the organization of the Turn or the teams?
The example of the T-Mobile with Jan Ullrich and Oscar Sevilla or of AG2R with Francisco Mancebo show that the teams take their responsability by suspending their runners. It is necessary to do the housework and it is a strong sign which goes in the direction of the charters of ethics signed by the teams. The organization has also the capacity to do it like showed it the case Basso.

Who is now favorite with the succession of Lance Armstrong to the prize list of the Turn of France?

One waits to know if Alexandre Vinokourov and his team Astana Würth will be authorized to take the departure to make an applicant of it because five of the nine runners are implied in the business. If not Leipheimer, Valverde, Cunego, Landis, Hincapie or Popovych can re-examine their ambitions with the rise. Without forgetting the French who will be able can be finally to draw their pin from the play."

Remarks collected in Strasbourg by our special correspondents Thomas Bertolino and Aymeric Marchal.

The actu of the Turn

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Promotional bonds

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So, THAT'S the French riders' problem, "who will be able can be finally to draw their pin from the play"! If only Voeckler had remembered to draw his pin from the play - he might have defended the yellow jersey for even longer!
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