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Hey all, I am looking for some feedback about bicycle commuting in big cities, specifically Phoenix. I'm an mtb'er and would just be starting bike commuting. I am buying a house in Sunnyslope (Central/Dunlap area) and work near 52nd/McDowell. Bike commuting along this route seems like it would be a dream, as the canal path runs almost directly there almost all the way, and goes under many busy streets. Part of the way is dirt path, but I would probably fix up my old Schwinn Moab hardtail to ride, so that would be fine. I'd only have to contend with traffic for 2-3 miles. Ideal you say! What is the problem here????

I'm a 30-something female. The neighborhoods I have to cruise through are, uh, not the best. They run through the heart of the city. Now the canal paths are usually pretty well used by walkers and cylists, but there are also vagrants and unsavory characters about. My husband thinks riding my bike there would be insane, and to me it seems a bit risky. I'd love to do it, it would probably be faster than my car commute, not to mention more fulfilling. But, how much of my personal safety am I risking here?? Is it worth it?? Any thoughts appreciated.

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you've actually got a pretty cool route.
i ride thru a pretty rough area in central phx and have had no real trouble.
i think part of the key is to keep moving. make sure you bike is in good running order, run slimed tubes, be fast at changing tubes, ect. I do keep some industrial pepper spay as a last resort.
your main concern in phx is inattentive drivers.
if you need any help route finding or want some folks to pre-run the route with, drop me a PM. We have a regualr Thu night ride that uses the canals and bike paths to explore the valley.
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