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Commuting in Southern England

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I will be traveling to work in England for a month in the near future and am planning on bike commuting after being there for a few days. My question is how to find a route. I can get a hotel anywhere but I have no way of knowing what roads are bike friendly. I was thinking about calling a LBS. Any suggestions

Thanks in advance Matt

P.S. I will be working in Crawley if there are any locals
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You might try to get an idea, then like you said go to the LBS when you get there. Try to find the "B" roads, like "B1112". "A" roads are busier, and may be off limits. A good way to guess, I think, is if there are only two numbers, it is more like an interstate highway "A10", whereas "A1012" is more like a B road (but still a chore to ride on).
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