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I had an emergency at work and was up late into the morning as a result. That meant there was no way I was going to work today. I got up around 11, had some cereal, then headed off on a ride.

I couldn't find the camera. Maybe my wife took it with her and the kids to the Blue Angels this morning. Sorry for the cell phone pictures, but I'm not great with a camera either way. I actually over-exposed these.

I took Rock Creek all the way down to the Potomac then over to Water St and back up the Capital Crescent Trail.

  1. On a bridge over Rock Creek.
  2. This was an elderly gentleman riding a single speed. He was standing up and grinding slowly up the short hills, but he never walked.
  3. Cemetary from the same bridge.
  4. My ride.
  5. A building by Rock Creek Pkwy and K St.
  6. Same spot as the previous picture, but looking down.
  7. For the rowers.
  8. Duck!
  9. Lunch of leftovers.
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