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'brifter' is f'ing stupid
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AlanS said:
I need to change my cassette and rings. I have an old/ abused Ultegra setup. New rear Dura ace derail.
My thought was to move to 10 spd DA... I presently run a 27/12 cassette and 53/39 rings. I like the range, in that I am not that strong. I would like to reduce weight and take advantage of the Compact design.
What would be the equivalent in Compact setup? Am I foolish to think that I NEED the 27? I really do hurt on the hills.
I am short-ish on $$$, so I was going to look for DA 7800 used.
Any suggestions would be helpful. Keep in mind, I would like to drop some bike weight (don't start a rant about's 'fun' for me to bling up the bike)...
what exactly are you asking? the dura ace 7800 wasn't made in compact. the newer ultegra sl compact in 172.5 weighs 819g. the dura ace 7800 in the same size but 53/39 weighs 664g. the ultegra sl is great, if you want a compact i'd recommend it.
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