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Well, if you're running a 53-39 crank with a 12-27 cassette currently AND are suffering on hills, going compact could be beneficial (though I don't think there was a 7800 DA compact).

For example, with a 50-34 compact, you could run 11-25 in back. 50x11 is actually a bit taller gear than your current 53x12, and the 34x25 compact low gear is equivalent to about a 39x29, giving you even more of a break on the hills, if you need it.

Or you could just go 11-23, which is a nice tight cassette with a low gear very close to your current 39x27 (just a hair higher).

Squidward is right though, the weight savings won't be huge, and you shouldn't spend the money if your current set-up is good in your book.

I also don't remember if there was an 11-25 'sette in the 7800 line... the 7900 DA does have it, but not sure about 7800. There was an 11-23 in the 7800 tho'.
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