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Compare 'compact' alloy bars Deda 3T Bonty FSA

I'm looking at these compact alloy bars for use on Look 585 with Campagnolo new style ergos - any views on these models?
Especially regarding stiffness (or maybe noodlyness!) I use the drops plenty and race.
FWIW I'm 75kg/12 stone/170 pounds - ish.
  1. 3T Ergosum Pro
  2. Deda Zero 100
  3. Bontrager Race VR-S
  4. FSA Omega
seen some reviews where Deda Zero described as too flexy - any real world experience out there? I do not want carbon bars.

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Just mounted 3T Rotundo bars and a 3T stem. I finally upgraded to 31.8 after being on 26 for the last 3 years (I was on 215 shallow Deda's....Deda Newton Stem). I'm quite amazed by the added stiffness of this new set up. Drop/Reach is almost identical to my Deda set-up, but MUCH stiffer. Glad I upgraded.

I like a traditional bend, so the Rotundo bar was my pick. Don't have any experience with the other type bends.


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From what I've seen and held, it seems like the FSA bars have a larger increase in bend radius. The change is also more gradual than the 3T bars, which seem to be bent at an extreme angle at first (see pics below). The result is a longer, flatter drop section of the bar. I like that more than the more curved drops of the other ones you mentioned. That being said, I also use a "classic" bend bar and really prefer large flat sections for my hands, especially when sprinting.



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