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I read on Wheel Fanatyk that Ric came across a lot of these to sell. The FSA carbon fiber spoke tension gauges look sexy but cost serious money! Are these actually worth the money? How do they compare to a Park TM1?

As for intended application, I'm currently a part time wrench looking to transition into full time wrenching. The big plan is doing custom frames, maybe custom components as well, but it's going to take a bit of time to get there. As wrenching goes I like working with wheels and keep digging deeper and deeper into the science of them. Fascinating stuff. But I digress. I want to differentiate be as fastidious, thorough, and precise as possible in my work, both now and in the future. Is this tool a worthwhile investment, or if FSA trying to get rid of a costly marketing mistake? I can afford it, but absolutely don't have money to burn. Ric swears by them, but then he also worked for FSA and is the one selling them now. Naturally I'm not taking the salesman's word for it.

Any input is greatly appreciated, both regarding the tools in question and generally related to my impending career transition.
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