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Long story short (as it applies to several forums here), I found a commuter bike on craigslist, an early 90's (near as I can tell) Trek 1420 with Chimano105 groupo (2 examples for around $350-400). I really want to get a Surly Crosscheck, but I am finding they are difficult to come across in the used categories. So a thought occured to me, buy the Trek and donate all the parts to a new Crosscheck frame, and then pawn the Trek frame/fork, and headset. Not a bad idea. But then, I thought I should check with my amigos here about compatibility issues, and does this just bring up a whole host of other issues, like will the wheels be strong enough to go down gravel roads? Does anyone here see any problems with this option?

EDIT: Obviously, the brakes need to be put into the parts bin. Cantis are a must, unless I go fixie (not yet.....)

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