Competitive Cyclist Labor Day Sale.

Now is the time of year to get your fall and early winter gear. It's even better if you can get that premium gear at a super low price. That's why we hand-selected some of the coolest and unique finds that would appeal to the serious core riders. Don't forget, Competitive Cyclist is offering Free 2-day shipping on all orders over $50 and no less than 30% in savings. So get ready to drop into some savings and get stoked on the fall weather.

C5 Gore-tex Infinium Soft Lined Thermo Jacket

SALE 30% Off $195.97 $279.95

There are a lot of cycling jackets on the market, and most of them will do a fine job of keeping you warm and dry, but what often gets overlooked is breathability. Sure, you might be cold at the start of your ride, but as you rack up miles and your body starts to heat up, you might find yourself shedding layers with no easy way of storing them. With the C5 Gore-tex Infinium Soft Lined Thermo Jacket that's no longer a problem, because not only do you get substantial weather protection, but the Infinium membrane is extremely breathable, which means you won't overheat when you're working on intervals or grinding your way up a tough climb. And if you find yourself stuck in a light rainstorm with soaking wet roads, the Persistent Beading Technology will prevent moisture from penetrating the jacket and leaving you cold and miserable.

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G-FORM - Pro-X Elbow Pads

SALE 60% Off $27.99 - $34.98

Your elbows are often the first thing to hit when you take a spill, so you don't want to skimp on padding. The articulated G-Form Pro-X Elbow Pads offer low-profile RPT Impact Protection to keep your skin n' bones in one piece, breathe well and wick moisture, and can be tossed in the washing machine to get all the skin bits and gravel out when you're back at the casa.

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Storck Scenero - Disc Road Bike Frameset

SALE 72% Off $699.00 $2,500.00

Since the geometry of Storck's Scenero line has always lent itself well to long-distance cycling and rides that occasionally stray from the tarmac, it only makes sense to add disc brakes. The Scenero Disc Road Bike Frameset's long geometry makes it ideal as a stable platform for exploring the kinds of terrain where disc brakes are a must, whether that's gravel, dirt, or sweeping descents. The inclusion of thru-axles also stabilizes the frame, providing more stiffness to offset braking forces and maintain confident tracking through terrain that would make a traditional road frame balk. The Scenero Disc frame features the same uni-directional carbon lay-up as its rim-brake counterpart, which orients the carbon across the frame in relation to the load path and force.

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POC - Retina Big Flow Goggle

SALE 70% Off $39.95 - $44.95

Get unobstructed views and full-coverage eye protection out on the trail with the POC Retina Big Flow Goggles. Featuring a double lens treated to fend off scratches and prevent fogging, these goggles provide a clear view through all manner of debris and temperature changes.

POC incorporates a flexible polyurethane frame with a triple-layered foam for a flexible, comfortable fit on a variety of face shapes. For extra comfort, a layer of Coolmax fabric on the inner surface of the foam whisks away perspiration and sits softly against your skin. The strap features silicone gripping on the inner surface for solid purchase against your helmet of choice, eliminating worries of shifting goggles as you drop in.

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GIRO - Empire SLX Cycling Shoe - Men's

SALE 66% Off $119.95 - $209.98

When the Empire shoes first debuted on the fashionable Phinney's feet, we admit that many of us were skeptical. Laces? On a cycling shoe? Surely Giro's gone too far. Now entering its third year, the Empire is proving to be more than a passing fad, and the new Empire SLX Shoes are sure to cement its place at the top of the industry's food chain. With a claimed weight of just 175 grams, the Empire SLX Shoes are around 100 grams lighter than most of their competitor's pro-level offerings, while still providing the power transfer and minimalist aesthetics demanded by pros like Phinney.

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SHIMANO - SH-MW700 Cycling Shoe - Men's

SALE 66% Off $84.97 $249.95

While most of your riding group starts complaining about the encroaching winter sometime around the end of October, you don't let cold temps and challenging precipitation get in the way of your riding, regardless of whether your vehicle of choice is a fat bike or an enduro rig. Late fall is mild by your standards, and when the snow, ice, and freezing rain arrive for good, you reach for something like the Shimano men's SH-MW7 Mountain Bike Shoes to protect your feet while you ride. Shimano starts by shaping the uppers with synthetic leather then adding an inner Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort Liner to block out snow and rain.

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ASSOS - fuguBootie

SALE 65% Off $59.95 $169.00

Fugu, the exotic puffer-fish, is a lighthearted jape at how cyclists need to dress in the winter. The irony is deliberate. While winter Assos apparel, like this fuguBootie, are a bit bulky by comparison to other Assos pieces, they're lighter, thinner, and sleeker than other togs on the market. And we're happy to say that the fuguBootie doesn't deviate from this standard.

Assos' fuguBootie is largely comprised of 2.5mm neoprene. The ankle cuff is slightly higher, with a gripper to seal your socks and shoes from the elements. There's a cutout on the bottom for your cleat and heel pad. For extra warmth, a layer of strataGonLight has been added to the toe and front part of the bootie. The magic of StrataGon is a laminate that does an amazing feat -- the micro-pores that allow sweat vapor to escape through the material close down.

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MERCURY WHEELS - X3 Enduro 27.5in Boost Wheelset

SALE 65% Off $279.65 $799.00

Built from the ground up for the needs of aggressive riding disciplines, the Mercury X3 Enduro 27.5in Boost Wheelset strikes the sweet spot for enduro and all-mountain riders seeking a do-it-all wheelset that's relatively lightweight, reliably strong, and stiff, but without the bankroll-draining price that comes with premium carbon hoops. The X3 Enduro Wheelset is updated for 2018 with a lower profile design that's more responsive than ever, plus a 30-millimeter internal width that optimally supports tires from 2.2 up to 2.8 inches in width.

The X3 Enduro Wheelset is pleasingly stiff for a set of alloy hoops, thanks to its two-cross lacing pattern, plus the improved bracing angle inherent to wheels built with Boost spacing in mind. The two-cross lacing pattern does offer a bit of vertical compliance.

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ROTOR - 3D30 Road Crankset

SALE 61% Off $181.00 $464.00

When we're shopping for a new crankset, our demands are relatively simple. We want things to be stiff, reliable, light, and it doesn't hurt if they're pocket-friendly, too. While carbon cranks may seem like an obvious choice, there's still something to be said for aluminum, and when it comes to machining from aeronautic grade alloy, Rotor sure does take the cake. The 3D30 Road Crankset offers a workhorse crank with a lightweight aluminum construction that claims carbon level stiffness, without the carbon price tag. They scale in just a bit heavier than the 3D+ flagship cranks, but the difference is negligible at just 29g heavier while maintaining just as much stiffness and reliability. This model comes ready to ride with a 52-36t set of rings, offering semi-compact gearing to get you through just about any terrain that could be in your neck of the woods.

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