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Look through some archives here in "components, wrenching."

We ain't salespeople!

The 2300 stuff is okay, fine. It does its job. It does not feel as smooth as nicer components, and the feedback is more vague. The levers and housing are plastic and a little more flimsy.

Many people do not like the "thumb" button -- one cannot shift from as many positions.

But, it works fine. I have Tiagra on my commuter bike. After about 15,000 miles in a lot of nasty rain and weather, the right shifter is getting close to wearing out, but will probably make it through the season.

Whenever I ride my Dura-ace bike, I am impressed again with the positive feel and rapid engagement of the shifter. Click-clack-shift, click-clack-shift.

All of this stuff is pretty amazing.

Shimano 2300 would blow the mind of a rider using Record or Dura-Ace 7-speed.
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