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From what I read here in the forums, getting a good fit is important. I'm pretty sure that I can get the basic fit right either at the local shop (where I bought my last bike) or at one of the larger shops (where I will get a bit more guidance).
Just remember that the larger shop won't necessarily be better. If you're concerned with getting the best fit, find the guy who has been doing it the longest and with the most frequency.

For the kind of casual riding I do (an hour or so each morning, and 2 or 3 hours on weekends) do I need more that that? If so, should I get more thorough measurements BEFORE I select a bike, or wait until I have it and then get it fine tuned by the shop where I do the testing?
I'm generally of the opinion that you shouldn't drop a ton of hard earned money on a fit until you're familiar with the bike. If they throw the fit in as part of the sale (and some shops will to make a sale), thats worth doing, but if you're paying extra, I'd say ride it around a few days on your own so you can tell what fells right and what doesn't. Remember that a bike fells different after an hour in the saddle than five minutes on the trainer.

The big thing to worry about fit wise when purchasing is that the frame is the right size. This isn't that hard to do and doesn't necessarily require a specialize "fit". Test ride a couple bikes in a number of sizes, ask questions and you should be OK. The little things can be dialed in later.
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