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Earthpig said:
I'm having ongoing loose headset problems with the integrated headset on my Salsa Campeon frame. The Campeon fork has a carbon steerer which, of course, requires the use of a compression plug rather than a traditional star nut. I've been using a Cane Creek IS-6 headset since the bike was new last spring. Recently, I decided to change my stem and now am having serious issues getting the headset to tighten back down. It seems like regardless of how much I torque down the compression plug, I can't get rid of play in the headset. What am I missing here? I don't want to reef too hard on the compression plug nut, for fear of damaging the steerer, but I also don't want to ovalize the headtube because the headset is not tight enough. Any tips or tricks out there for this setup? FWIW, I'm using a Problem Solvers compression plug. Thanks.
Sorry if this is aleady knowm, but I can't tell just reading your post. The stem is loose when you tighten the top cap screw, right?
Loosen the stem.
Tighten the cap screw to set the headset tension.
Tighten the stem to hold it in place.

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