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Hey guys - need some help. Here's some background:

Long time rider. Approximately 8K miles a year - about 1/2 are on a road bike. Avid Cyclocross racer. Avid commuter.

Current Road Bike is a 2000 Trek OCLV with about 30K miles. I'll ride centuries, an occasional USA Cycling Master's Road Race, and some "criteriums" at a local speedway. Bottom line - I'm all over the place.

5'-10," 150 pounds.

I like what Orbea is doing with their 2K9 product line - basically making it a "buffet" process. I'm not a fan of the Orca (just a bit much for me visually) - but hear good things about the Opal. I have local access to an Orbea dealer - good shop.

What do you think...............and what size? I'm typically a 56, but a 54 on a Cross bike. I hear the Orbea's run a little large. What do you think about the warranty?

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The 09 Opal is supposed to be the bomb! They do run big. Sounds like your probobly a 54cm. Enjoy!
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