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Considering a bicycle getaway to Victoria BC

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I've lived in Western Washington state most of my life, and have never been to Victoria (Vancouver many times). I'd like to remedy that, and am thinking about taking a bike up to Victoria on the Victoria Clipper from downtown Seattle and spending a couple of days puttering around.

I'm not necessarily looking for epic rides, although I'd be interested in hearing about them. I will be using the bike for transportation though, and would be interested to know what I don't know about the place.

Good/Bad bike shops to check out?

What are some good places to stay? Good restaurants? Must see attractions? Things to avoid?

How safe is it to lock a bike up for an hour or two while I'm sightseeing or eating lunch?

How is the road infrastructure for cycling? Bike lanes in town? Bike Trails/MUTs? How about shoulders on the rural roads?

Thanks in advance.
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