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Greetings -

Took a flat to realize I was running on threads in a couple spots on my rear tire (thought I had a few more miles left in it and was actually watching my front a little closer). Anyway - ended up picking up a set of Conti GP4000s to replace the Bonti RXL's that were on my Madone. My initial thoughts after a 50 mile ride, is that they "feel" a little softer than the RXL's did. Same roads/tire pressure/same training route as normal, and they just felt a little more "cush". They also did not appear to be any slower - training time was within "normal" range and they got up to speed on the descents just like the RXL's.

Time will tell how they hold up for wear and puncture resistance, but so far I'm very pleased with them.

Bruce in Redding, CA
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