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I have a question.
What contingencies are you prepared for, and how prepared are you?

More detail:

I try to always wear my road id ankle band. Is there a need to carry real i.d. like a D.L.?

I carry a phone, in case I have a ride ending problem, but the phone is in the saddle bag and if I get hit from behind and separated from the bike I may not be able to find and use the phone after a hit-and-run. Do you carry your phone? Do you carry it on your person?

I carry a tube, multi tool, 2 tire tools, pump, money, and a spare tail light. Is this too much?

Since I ride alone, but I am rarely more than a mile away from an occupied house is this too much stuff?

Because I work at a commercial nuclear power plant, where we spend most of our efforts ensuring the backups for the backups for the backups, are in good working order, the need for contingent compensatory measures is something I can't get out of my head.

What measures do you take, just in case?

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If your phone is in a bag under your saddle then it would be very hard for a hit from the rear to damage the phone since the rear wheel blocks a direct hit. So if it does break most likly you won't be able to use it if it did work.

Always good to carry at least a photocopy of your insurence card and drivers licence if you need medical care.

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Phone, wallet (with cash, credit card, ID and insurance info), tube, patches, some tyvek, various hex wrenches, tire levers, spoke wrench, small razor knife, mini-pump. And always a powerbar or some sort -- bonking sucks.

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I don't carry a drivers license while cycling for political reasons- I object to their being used as a defacto citizen ID. If you get pulled over by a cop and don't have a drivers license, be ready for a lecture. On a practical level, you'd have to remember to take your DL out of your cycling kit and put it back into your wallet for when you are driving. A photocopy of the DL may suffice for ID purposes.

In addition to your list of stuff, I also carry a 'boot' (a section cut from an old tire), and Park stick-on patches. The boot is used if you slice a tire (rare, but it has happened to me) and the patches are used to fix the second through N flats.

I put the tube, tools etc in a bag that goes on the bike. The pump goes on the bike. Some people carry them. I know that if I do that, I'll forget something.

I carry my cell phone in a pocket because my bike bag is for tools and tube. I think the chances of losing the phone in the seat bag during a crash is about the same as the chances of landing on the phone in your pocket and rendering it unusable. I don't worry about either one.

I do a lot of solo rides in remote places with no cell coverage. A dual mode analog/digital phone would be the best since there are more analog towers in rural areas, but you can't get those any more. If I have a problem, I'll either fix it myself or wait for someone to come along. I think the last time that happened to me was in 1986- I borrowed an allen key from some farmworkers.

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Re.cell phone..

I started carrying a cell phone about 5 years ago after a bad crash. I make a habit of always packing stuff in the same place in my jersey pockets. I have an under saddle bag, but that's where I pack my second spare tube, tire patch kit and a chain tool. I carry my cell phone in my right jersey pocket. Last December I took a nasty spill on my bike and fractured my right hip. I was immobile and was separated from my bike. I managed to get my cell phone out of my jersey pocket and called for help. Without the cell phone I would have laid there for a long time before someone found me, and it was dead of winter and I probably would have caught pneumonia. I do pack an old D.L. and dog tags, but that would only help me if I was unconscious or worse. I ride solo most of the time, if you ride in groups or with a ride bud then you have help with you. The thing to remember is if you crash, sometimes you go one way and the bike another. With both my crashes this is my experience...

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In my jersey pockets:
- A few Gu packets, they saved me once in a MTB race when I bonked badly so I never leave home without them now
- Chap stick
- Keys (not a great idea being sharp and all but I have them there for the gate opener for the apartment complex)
- If it looks like it might get nasty out then I'll stuff my cannondale windbreaker in a pocket as well
- For a longer ride in the sun I'll also throw in the spray on sun cream as well

Taped to frame:
- Either one or if it is a longer ride two spare tubes

Saddle bag:
- Multi-tool
- spoke wrench
- tyre levers
- CO2 cartridges plus attachment
- baggie with ID, insurance details and some cash
- small first aid kit

My cell phone gets clipped to my shorts on my right side where I always wear it, takes a bit of experimenting to get in a good spot but once it is there it stays out of the way, I just hope I never crash on my right side!

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I use a small fanny pack. I might hop aboard any one of several bikes for any given ride so it's easier to just keep the gear in a single bag. The jersey pockets carry anything that I might want to get at while in the saddle (food, glasses, etc.). The stuff that goes in the pack is the gear I hope won't be necessary during the ride (tubes, tools, etc).

I've come across too many serious bike accidents and have long since learned that the bike will go one way and the rider/patient another. Carry your personal stuff (ID, insurance, ICE info) on your body. My cell phone has been used to call for medical assistance for others far more than to bail myself out.

Circumstances occur that none of us might have thought of before. A lot of gear mentioned above is the result of problems that riders have encountered while out on the road. If those problems concern you, consider your options before it happens....
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