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I have an old Spalding Blade I am working on upgrading. I am wondering if I can convert the wheels to 700 for more universal compatibility? I am replacing the crank, so I am going to need a new rear cassette and probably shifter too. Its a total bike overhaul. I want to put some $$$ into the rotating pieces too. But I want modern parts so that eventually when I get a newer frame if I ever do, my expensive parts wont go to waste.

Is this possible? Without any welding.

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Buy a new bike.

Upgrading to modern componetry is likely going to cost you more than investing in a new machine. Unless there is a very compelling reason to hang onto that frame, overhauling it and trying to make it work with new parts is likely going to be more trouble than it's worth.

You would be better off investing in a quality frame and fit, and upgrading the components piecemeal as they wear out.

Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear; if you're truly interested in bringing that Spalding back to life, post a pic or ask on the Retro-Classic board.
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