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Hey everyone,

I just signed up for this forum and have been learning a lot. I used to do some trail riding with my Haro mtb but have recently become very intrigued with road bikes. I started looking at inexpensive models and found Bianchi to have a style I really dig. But then I remembered something. My father's friend gave him a mtb a few years ago that was originally purchased in the 80's (i think). I went into the garage to check it out and it turned out to be a Bianchi Forte. I thought to myself "you've got to be kidding me". Here are a few pics (still a bit dusty):

I really love Bianchi's style and since I can't really afford to buy a new bike at the moment I thought I might try and convert this Forte into some sort of a hybrid for now. It's kind of heavy, so the lighter I can get it the better. I essentially want to replace the seat, handle bars, and wheels. I researched putting a 700c on a mtb and found that the best possible solution would be to buy slicker tires instead. Does anyone have any experience with these? If so, do you recommend a specific brand or online store to buy from?

As for the handle bars, I really like the look of ramhorns but don't know if those brake levers or gear shifters would be able fit and function right on something like that. What would you suggest? I'm not really liking the feel of the ones now.

And as far as seats are concerned, I want to replace the current seat with a simple, sleeker looking one. Will any road bike seat fit on a mtb like this?

Sorry for all the questions. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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