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seems kinda fishy

Mike Prince said:
Sheldon is a pretty innovative/imaginative guy, but I'm with you on this one. Having said that, they will stand by whatever they send you, so I wouldn't be too alarmed. However, the wrench in me is wondering how they repspaced that hub. Maybe they ordered new cones from White? May be worth a call back to talk to the guy in the shop who actually did the work.

I guess never having actually seen one of these new hubs in person it's hard to judge. But man if I were you I'd wait until you can get the real deal. I just don't see how they could have done it. While were on the topic of the new ENO has anyone actually used it yet? Does it work as well as I'm hoping it will?

Good Luck

Oh and you might try and order direct from Maybe they'll have what you want in stock.
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