Just in time for the weekend, California-based WiseCracker is ramping up production - and offerings - of its bike mounted bottle opener.

"Originally I made this to amuse my fellow frame builders at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show when it came to San Jose," said company founder Mike Ahrens, who also makes custom bike under the Ahrens Bicycles moniker. "I'd invite them to my booth for a beer, hand them a bottle and suggest they open it on the bike. It was good for some laughs, but there was a lot of genuine interest, so the next year I brought some to sell and they all went on opening day. I realized this could be a good accessory product for my business."

Ahrens has subsequently changed the primary mount location of the WiseCracker from the seat post to the headset - just below the handlebars, where it sits in view as a constant reminder of the frosty post-ride beverage that awaits.

Besides the original alloy models, Wisecrackers are now available in stainless steel and titanium, and there is a wide range of colors and finishes, and even custom laser engraving options. WiseCrackers sell for $15-$28 in standard models, depending on the design and materials used. Check out wisecrackerltd.com for more info.

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