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IMHO, any wheel that is carbon, low spoke count or made by Mavic paired with a heavier rider is not a good combo.

In fact, I am not fond of low spoke count wheels even for myself and I'm only 170lbs. (76kg). Remember, if you break a spoke on a 32 spoke wheel mid-ride, you can adjust the spokes around it to get the wheel true enough to get home. If you break a spoke on a 20 spoke wheel, you will be walking or calling for a ride.

This being said, Shimano does make some of the more robust low spoke count wheels. However, I did have an issue with one of the hubs on a set of RS-11s that was replaced under warranty. I believe the hub seals on the lower end Shimano wheels aren't as good as Ultegras or higher. Ultegra 6800 wheels (WH-6800) are a great buy right now and weigh only around 1650g - same as the Cosmic Carbons!

$279 and free shipping! I believe these are about to be phased out so you may want to grab a pair of these and shelve them until you get your weight down some more. The only downside to these is tire mounting is said to be difficult.

But at your current weight, I would advise going with a local wheel builder. Is there possibly one at your bike shop? That would be the way to go. And they will still cost about half of what the Cosmic Carbons do!
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