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I change frames and components more than most and I am pretty good at getting my fit right..I have some general measurements that seem to get me real close. I also have some assorted components to fine tune my fit, and I 'fiddle' until it's right. I've been a racer for a long time, so I know, pretty much, what fits me and what works most effectivly for me.

Recently I have been more bothered by some lower back issues. I have always had a weak lower back, and my trade as a carpenter has not helped with that, but I always just kinda 'rode through' the occaisional really sore lower back. This season it has been getting more frequent so that it makes me all squirmy after a few hours on the bike...Stretching, pulling up on one knee, anything I can do to get that tight little kink out of (mainly one side) my back and keep on..."Age", I thought.."Maybe I am not so flexible as I should be anymore" and I began moving my bars up...That didn't work at all.

So I lowered them down, almost a whole inch. That worked. No more backpain. You wouldn't think lowering the bars would relieve back pain, but it did. I am guessing because rather than having to ride with a curved spine to duck the wind, I now can roll my hips forward and keep my back a bit more aligned straight, and end up without the "Tuck Position" and yet be just as Aero...

So before you raise your bars as The Way to mitigate back pain...You may want to try spending a ride in the drops with your hips rolled more forward and your back straighter..see if maybe that helps...and then lower your bars so you can ride like that on the tops and hoods, too.

could just be me..
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