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I specialize in stupid questions, so here's another one.

The previous one was about a rattling bottle cage. Bike sent to Giant, who repaired it for free (the warranty period is over).

This one is more serious, though. The rear wheel is developing cracks around some spokes. The cracks are in the plane of the wheel. I did about 10,000 miles with it. I'm careful, but quite of bit of it was on mediocre or pot-holed roads. If you know the cracks are there, it's easy to notice them.
It is a P-SL1, developed (I think) by a collaboration of Giant and DT Swiss. It's not a particularly fancy wheel, and I imagined it to be built for durability rather than for speed. Giant refuses to replace the wheel for free.

10,000 miles seems to be awfully little. The wheels on my previous bike (Mavic, but I don't remember which ones) did at least 40,000 miles without problems.

Two questions.

- Is this to expected, quality control being what it is nowadays? Is it a statistical fluke?
- Should I take another P-SL1 or spend a bit more on another set of wheels? I don't want to spend tons of money, I don't want my new wheels to be slower, but a bit more durability is welcome. Recommandations?
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