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I just got a carbon Devinci bike (awesome!), but when I had it up on the lift putting on my cycling computer, I noticed that my triple chain ring at the front (I'll be riding over mountains this summer, so I'm willing to be looked down upon for not riding a double) have some teeth that seem worn down.

Now, I understand that this likely is for shifting down to the middle ring. The middle ring also has some, to shift to the bottom.

That said, the bike is less then two weeks old, and the teeth don't seem machined down, they seem almost broken. They are smooth, but it doesn't look machined.

I figured I'd ask here first, since the LBS might just say 'yeah it's supposed to be that way', though they seem like nice guys.

If you want pictures let me know, I'll post some.


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Modern chainrings are "ramped" to make shifting easier. Some teeth are shorter than others.
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