Cross Crusade

Following a high-energy opening weekend at Alpenrose the week prior, the River City Bicycles Cross Crusade took a dark turn for the Cascade Locks weekend of races. The worst storm in 50 years was predicted for the weekend and it put everyone on edge in the days leading up to the races.

It's been said that there's no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing so they teamed up with Showers Pass to outfit team riders and film crew and dared the weather to beat them. It didn't.

Cross Crusade

While the worst storm business turned out to be overblown, the 'cross gods once again brought rain and mud creating a 50/50 course of half hero dirt and half mud soup. The course challenged riders throughout and took a heavy toll on equipment. With a weekend off between races ahead of us, it'd be wise for Crusade racers to check and replace those brake pads.

Continuing with the local music theme for this series, the film's producers turned to Federale, a seven-piece ensemble based in Portland. They describe their sound as channeled from '60s & '70s Spaghetti Western soundtracks. The track featured here is "The Blood Flowed Like Wine" and "tells the supernatural tale of an evil so powerful that not even hell can hold back its wrath." Check them out at and enjoy all the mud-splattered action in this video.