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I have a large custom Curtlo S3/OX road frame (built in '93), and have recently moved on to custom carbon for the road. I'm considering having Doug or another builder replace the Curtlo's rear triangle to convert the frame for 'cross use. I would also need to replace the fork, of course. AFAIK, 'cross angles and BB height aren't drastically different from my road frame, but the longer fork required may cause some difficulties. I don't want to either rake the front end out too much, or have the BB end up too high, so this conversion may not be possible without modification to the front triangle (at that point, it might be better to just start with a new frame).

One of my bigger concerns is trying to get the steering geometry and weight distribution right. I have very long legs and a short inseam, so I generally end up with a very light front end, which is not ideal for balanced handling on slick surfaces. I can correct this somewhat by pushing myself forward on the bike, and spec'ing longer chainstays, but it's going to be hard to know how far to go until I start riding the bike on wet grass and in mud.

I can draw up the frame and work out the geometry, but I'm looking for fork recommendations, and geometry. I'm looking for a very stiff (enough to avoid chatter), probably low a2c, fork with a long 1-1/8" steerer and canti bosses. Has anyone compiled a list of specs, or have any specific recommendations?
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