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boberic said:
While we're on the topic of brakes to put on the top part... any thoughts on where to mount them when the drop bar has a thicker diameter at the stem mounting area? Would they even have enough room to mount on the thicker part? If I'm not mistaken they have to be sized for the diameter of the bar so I'd need to order a different lever set depending on where I mount them.
Pictured below is the cross-lever setup on my Cyclocross bike. These Salsa levers did come with shims so they work with either 26.0mm Std or 31.8mm OS handlebars. I suspect other brands will also include the shims, but worth verifying.

And yes, it can be difficult to get the exact desired placement when mounting to an OS bar. In my case, I actually wanted the levers further outboard, but that was right where the bar transitioned in diameter. So, as a compromise, I had to shift them slightly inwards to the fat portion. Still glad I have them though!
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