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Sucker for carbon
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Pros are that you can get to brakes quickly and easily from pretty much any hand position on the bars. This is a plus for people who spend a lot of time in the tops. The ones on my Cannondale X6 work well, but I think you get more leverage from conventional brake levers.

One con I have with my X6's top levers are that there is increased resistance when I brake with the conventional shifter/brake due to the cable also being pulled through the top lever.
This issue is probably amplified though by the tighter bends in the cable housing that are required by my cantilever brakes. Of course, there's the whole extra cost/complexity/weight penalty too... but I'm guessing this isn't a big worry for this application.

I'd say the downsides aren't all that important though if your wife likes the idea of having a bit of added security with the extra brake levers.
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