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raging results nerd
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pretender said:
I have a sneaking suspicion that whatever it is, will be totally lame.

Please prove me wrong.
Cross of the Titans said:
[url that goes to another image without information]
Aaaaan pretender calls it!

Dear Mr. Event Promoter,

It is generally a bad idea to market your event to without having supporting information. Acting as through a crappy photoshop filter and cliche tagline should be enough to excite the average RBR reader into caring about your event is simply insulting.

Common Sense

More Cowbell!
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Cross of the Titans said:
No proposed date.
No proposed venue.
No information about what races will be offered.
No press release.

Are you just trying to generate some buzz to soften up sponsors?

I don't know if the US can really support an elite only event that doesn't rest on the shoulders of a major industry icon (Interbike/Cross Vegas). Will people come if they can't race? Will the high cost of gas have any effects?

Since there's no actual information about the event, don't be surprised that we might be skeptical. After all, there has been a number of vaporware races in the US.

eat live sleep cross
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vapor ware races? No....

never had one of those...

we've never been promised a World Cup here at a Nationals Venue, then to say "we need more big money sponsors, but we'll have em next year" only to then pull the plug on "next year"


stupid vaporware races

(not to mention the US Open -not cross- just another vaporware race example from this year)

i ain't clicking on links

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bopApocalypse said:
So does that mean this thread is an annoucement about an announcement?
Roger, Roger

Kind of like the scene in Spaceballs.
Now. You're looking at now sir. Everything that happens now, is happening now.
Dark Helmet: What happened to then?
Colonel Sandurz: We passed then.
Dark Helmet: When?
Colonel Sandurz: Just now. We're at now, now.

aka Zoo
763 Posts has a little thing on it, so I guess it is in fact legit, the marketing department needs some work though :p Looks like it won't be a single race, instead it will be a series, similary to the USGP
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