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For most of us, the winter season is a mix of trainer rides and snow-covered adventures through the forest. For others, its rebuilding and perfecting our machines in preparation for next season and the fun that awaits. No matter what your winter plans may be, we have deals that will help you make sure you waste no effort this snowy season. If you're looking for parts to perfect your build or a smart trainer to perfect your base - we've got you covered.

CycleOps H3 Smart Trainer

Taking cues from the CycleOps Hammer Trainer, the new H3 can replicate real-world inertia and give riders real-time data feedback. This comes from the 20-pound flywheel built to handle 2000 watts and replicates a 20% climbing grade. All stats and output arrive via PowerTap power meter internals. The resistance is supplied via an electromagnetic resistance system for quick resistance changes while cruising in virtual training environments such as Zwift. The H3 also calculates cadence, speed, and power and is equipped with internal cooling (because all those watts can heat up.) The H3 even has "over-the-air" firmware updates, dual-band ANT+, and Bluetooth compatibility, making it easy to pair with many head units. The CycleOps H3 can fit an array of axel sizes both thru and quick release. Plus, clocking in at 59 decibels at 20 mph, the H3 is library-level quiet - nearly 5x more quite than the predecessor the H2. Meaning you can be in the pain cave and not wake up the baby.

Price: $1000

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WAHOO Indoor Training Starter Bundle


Whether you're just getting started with indoor training, or you're looking for a comprehensive setup that won't break the bank, this bundle from Wahoo Fitness includes everything you need to stay fit on the bike during the cold winter months. The KICKR SNAP's legendary flywheel generates resistance that mimics the feel of riding outdoors and can be paired with training apps like Zwift and TrainerRoad for an interactive training experience. The KICKR Floor Mat provides a stable surface that prevents the trainer from slipping around no matter how much sweat ends up on it, and is thick enough to help absorb noise so that other people in your house don't hear every minute of your workout through the walls. The RPM Cadence sensor is the last piece of the puzzle, measuring your cadence data and transmitting it wirelessly for display during your workouts.

Price: $569.97

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ELITE Direto X Interactive Power Trainer


We've come to recognize indoor cycling as a necessary evil and if we plan to go into spring with some residual fitness after the colder months have subsided, we need something to keep us captivated and motivated. Smart, interactive trainers have helped out tremendously providing useful metrics and feedback while also interacting with virtual training apps to make riding in place a little more fun. Elite's new Direto X is ideal for this type of targeted and effective indoor riding and brings a host of upgrades over its predecessor the Direto. These include a more powerful resistance motor, an upgraded power meter, support for longer cage derailleurs, and refined internals that help reduce noise levels. This means you'll enjoy more accurate power measurement, increased power output, improved gradient simulation, and quieter operation as you ramp up your fitness in the off-season.


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Tubeless tires were supposed to mean the end of flats, but while flats are significantly reduced, they still remain a part of our life with tubeless setups. Stan's DART Tool aims to make the inevitable tear or large puncture quick to fix by plugging even large tears and holes with its barbed tip that anchors into the tire and instantly reacts with latex sealant to form an instant, airtight seal. The barbed tip is designed to lock into place while riding and pairs up with flexible material that conforms to punctures and bonds with sealant, wearing off clean, so you don't have to ride with scissors, or feel a bump in your tire with every rotation.


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PIONEER Touchscreen Cycle-Computer


While Pioneer's large, glossy LCD Color SGX-CA900 Cycle-Computer is one of the best options available for tracking your metrics, Belkin team riders wanted something a little smaller for racing. Their request was answered by Pioneer's developers, who created the new SGX-CA500 Touchscreen Cycle-Computer. And while it loses the color screen and some additional memory and features, it gains WiFi communication and a smaller footprint.
Pioneer developed the computer, like its big brother, to display all of your metrics in an easy-to-read and operate system. The unit seamlessly pairs with its power meter package, giving you instant feedback at your cockpit in terms of power output, pedaling efficiency, and many other essential metrics.

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OAKLEY Aro5 Helmet


Occupying the middle ground in Oakley's line-up between the airy-ventilated Aro3 and time trial favorite Aro7, the Aro5 Helmet provides a streamlined profile at real-world yaw angles and MIPS technology for the discerning cyclist. Ultimately, the Aro5 satisfies those cyclists seeking an aerodynamic advantage, but without sacrificing much in the way of ventilation or compromising on comfort across long distances.
When first designing the Aro5 Helmet, Oakley formed a baseline around MIPS technology, seeing it's now ubiquitous with all premium cycling helmets on the market. This allowed Oakley to create a purpose-built helmet around this impact-dispersing technology, instead of dropping in a MIPS liner and calling it good.

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Santa Cruz Stigmata CC CX1 complete cyclocross bike is just as happy hopping barriers on Saturday and as it is doing multi-hour all-road adventures on Sunday. The beautiful carbon frame is built up with a simple 1x drivetrain with a wide gear range, powerful hydraulic disc brakes, and generous tire clearance. This Stigmata can toe the line at any CX race, grind some gravel, and trade out pulls on the Tuesday nighter with a simple tire swap.

SALE 20% Off $3,599.99 $4,499.00

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With the massive popularity of the previous generation Nomad, the engineers at Santa Cruz could have simply tweaked the geometry and slapped on a fancy new paint job and called it good. However, if you're aware of this Northern California company, you'd realize they're never content resting on the previous acclaim, preferring to blaze their own trail by purposely designing bikes from the ground up. Symbolizing Santa Cruz's legacy as pioneers in the mountain bike world, the Nomad Carbon CC XO1 RCT Air Complete Mountain Bike is completely redesigned for 2018 with an aggressive stature and downhill-inspired chassis that pushes it further into gravity realms.

SALE 30% Off $5,039.30 $7,199.00

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Fox 32 Float SC Factory 27.5 2019

Suspension technology has come a long way in the short time that it has been around and it keeps getting better every year. The 2019 Fox 32 Float Step-Cast Factory Fork starts at 2.98 pounds, which makes this the lightest cross-country fork that Fox has ever made. It is optimized for 100mm of travel and has a Step-Cast lower leg design and a narrow crown spacing that saves weight. The Kashima coating of the Factory series makes the fork buttery smooth and incredibly durable. With FIT4, you can adjust your compression damping on the fly. It gives you an open, medium, and firm option so you can adapt to different trail conditions.

$495.99 SAVE 45 % MSRP $899.00

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Fox Float DPS Trunion Factory 2019

With a new and improved EVOL air sleeve, Fox's 2019 DPS Factory Rear Shock offers increased responsiveness and sensitivity. The updated valve design delivers improved compression and rebounds flow, and the Factory series comes complete with a Genuine Kashima Coat. With this model, you also get an additional 3 clicks of low-speed compression to fine-tune the Open mode performance.

$249.99 SAVE 45 % MSRP $453.00

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Shimano XTR Trail Brake

To provide highly adjustable, high-powered braking performance with no compromise, Shimano designed the XTR Trail M9020 hydraulic disc brakes. The integration of Servo-Wave brake-boosting technology into an XTR M9020 Trail brake generates gobs of lightweight stopping power (125 percent of the previous XTR benchmark, to be exact) that can be precisely rolled on and off with single-finger effort-giving you a better grip on the bar and ultimately better control of your ride.

$149.99 SAVE 50 % MSRP $299.99

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Enve M735 32H DT240 Boost wheelset

Meet the future of gravity riding and racing, the M735. It is incredibly strong and debuts the most effective and lightest ant-flat system currently on the market (Enve's patent-pending protective rim strip). the rim strip on the M735 offers unprecedented pinch flat resistance and provides you with the ability to run lower pressure to improve traction and rolling resistance. It also provides your precious rim a buffer between it and the trail in case you somehow end up flatting out. Ride without limits or restrictions and go all out as you were born to do. Your confidence in cornering and plowing through rock gardens will certainly get a boost.

$1,699.99 SAVE 41 % MSRP $2,900.00

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SANTA CRUZ BICYCLES Highball Carbon X01 Eagle


When Santa Cruz announced the revamping of the Highball we were eager to see what there was in store for the featherweight cross-country machine. The idea of lightening the already feathery bike gave us worries of fragile, noodly frames that bend under pressure, but we're pleased to see the domination and power that comes from the Santa Cruz Highball Carbon CC X01 Eagle Complete Mountain Bike. It demonstrates composure in terrain that has most hardtails feeling twitchy and unreliable, thanks in part to its ultra-stiff carbon layup, and updated geometry. But don't be alarmed, we won't try to convince you that the Highball is an all-mountain slayer, it still retains its ultra-stiff cross-country prowess for podium-level domination, and blasting up climbs to earn KOM's on the daily.

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Always a perennial favorite for all-around trail domination, Santa Cruz's Tallboy Carbon 29 S Complete Mountain Bike can happily toe the start line at a mid-week cross country race with its sporty 110/120mm travel, and once the weekend comes around, it's happy to do some backwoods trail exploring over rugged terrain. Big wheels and short travel are certainly a recipe that's been popular on bikes lately, and when paired with the Tallboy's refined geometry, it really shines on the climbs, when pedaling along ridgelines and descending precipitous and aggressive terrain. We'd remiss to forgot mentioning the provided carbon frame, which is both stiff and durable while dropping some serious weight over aluminum ones. This frame features guards on vulnerable areas that offer peace of mind when you're thrashing it on the trail, and SC is so confident in its quality that it's backed by an impressive lifetime warranty. Internal cable and stealth dropper routing clean up the frame's aesthetics while protecting the shift cable and RockShox Reverb dropper hose from dirt and debris. This version's "S" kit comes with SRAM's GX Eagle drivetrain, giving you a massive 500% gear range without having to deal with a clumsy front derailleur. Also from SRAM is it's Level TL brakes pinching the 180mm rotors front and back to scrub speed with power and precision.

SALE 20% Off $3,839.99 $4,799.00

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YETI CYCLES SB 5.5 Turq Mountain Bike Frame - 2018


Yeti Cycle's finger on the pulse of mountain biking is pressing down harder than ever and they have been in the game just about as long as anybody else. Trends come and go and designs advance to ultimately allow riders to push their limits and go faster on more difficult terrain. The 2018 SB5.5 Turq is the culmination of everything Yeti has learned in over 3 decades of building frames. The suspension design on the SB5.5 gives it the ability to happily pedal and climb with XC bikes but the geometry pushes its capabilities in gnarly terrain that Yeti's Enduro team will occasionally call into action for EWS races. This 5.5 frame carries the Turq appointment, which is plenty burly enough to handle tail-gate shuttles and rugged trails, yet light and agile enough that you'll forget how durable the frame is. The SB5.5 Turq construction contains the highest quality carbon fiber that Yeti uses allowing it to precisely layup the carbon.

SALE 35% Off $2,275.00 from $3,500.00

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