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From VN's tech article about Sastre's P3C:

The ZedTech 8 wheels have dimpled hubs worth a few grams of drag, and ceramic bearings to roll smooth. They’re not everyday drivers; they live in CSC’s time trial-specific truck and are saved for individual tests only.
A whole box truck just for the TT's? Damn.

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cpark said:
Can you say "every second counts" which make me more suprise how Sastre wasted a few seconds celebrating in L'Alpe instead of sprinting to the finish line.
He may need those precious seconds.......
I agree that was extremely stupid...even phil said something.


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pretender said:
Sastre didn't seem to fully grok that he was riding for every spare second. Evans did.
I don't get the impression that Sastre even thinks he can ride a good enough TT to win the tour and I think he earned the right to enjoy the win even if it cost a second or two... It certainly wasn't the major time waste that you saw when Mayo crossed the line after saluting the crowd for the last 500 meters of the Alpe in '03.

Plus, Carlos has only had 4 pro wins in his career as far as I can tell and Landis crossed the line first in one of those.
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