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Currently I'm riding an old Bianchi road bike with Campy Nuovo derraileurs and brakes, Mavic wheel set. I probably have 8000 miles on it, and it's just now starting to become harder to maintain. Recently the freewheel had to be replaced, and a few other things.

I was eyeing a Fuji Roubaix, which I'll probably get next year after my car is paid off (can't quite swing it right now).

Also saw a Fuji Ace with Sora components for $225 at my local bike shop.

I was wondering if I should go ahead and get the Fuji Ace as a replacement for my Biancji now, and ride it for a year till I get the Roubaix, and then use the Ace as a backup.

Or just continue riding the Bianchi until next year...if it lasts that long.

I've tossed this around for a few days now, and can justify going either way.

I especially like the shifter integrated into the brakes on the Fuji's, and my Bianchi has the shifters on the downtubes.

Any thoughts?

I guess I could sell the Bianchi for parts as a way to recoup some of the expense.

Any help or opinions would be helpful.

I've been riding for a LONG time and got the Bianchi back in "87. This has been my only bike since then, and it sat idle for about 6 years.

Thanks for any advice.....Dave

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That's a great price on that Fuji assuming it has been gently used. You could ride it for a season and probably turn around and sell it for the $225 you spent!
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