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freezin_is_the_reason said:
I am a bit of a a freak. I am 5'6" tall with 32 inch cycling inseam. This means that I have long legs (and arms) for my height.

So, I have been considering getting a custom bike built, but I am not made of $$$.

Are there any quality builders that will build a custom frame for less than a grand?
some more:

Alan Wanta


Gunnar (custom up charge puts you a little over $1k)

I think Ticycles-Dave Levy lowest custom is $995

Spicer can get you a custom Ti (Chi-ti import) for $900 I think.

Nelson Titanium is custom US Ti for $1200

Rocklobster lowest custom is $995 I think.

Once you get to $1k the number of builders open to you grows significantly.
Under $1k and it gets scarce. But keep in mind that any tubing upgrades that may be required for your given size, function, desired frame weight, and paint choices could add 1-3hundred to your price. this might bring you closer to the price of another builder that already includes some of those things in his price.

All the builders mentioned are going to produce great frames regardless of the price. But you may want to pay more attention to more sublte things besides price.

I'm going through the whole process right now and have been documenting everything here:

it might help you in your decision process
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