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I wanted my own headtube badge for my completely redone LeMond Zurich (steel frame, circa 2001).

I wanted something done around Reynard the Fox, my newly adopted totem (see new sig -- previous sig of "Free Landis" retired, since it seems that wasn't going to happen ... good luck, Floyd, but I've got to move on).

Reynard was a character in stories popular in medieval Europe -- he's a trickster (like our own B'rer Rabbit) who gets himself in trouble and then talks his way out of it.

Why Reynard the Fox? Well, I work in communications ... enough said.

So I asked a graphics company if they could print me out a sticky I could put on the bike -- sure, they said ... it will cost $140.

Kinda steep for a sticky ... so I shopped around and found a metalsmith in Long Beach, Calif. I sent her my graphic (the sig) of Reynard. No problem, she said.

Here's what she produced....

She charged $85 (including shipping), and turned it around in about a week. If you want something copper, instead of silver, she charges $70.

That's a good price for custom work -- I'm very happy with what she did.

Here's a link to her Web page showing some of the other headtube badges she's done:

I recommend her work for anyone considering decorating their ride with something unique and personal.
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Thanks for the French lesson! I didn't know.

I intend to glue it on with contact cement -- the all-purpose stick-em.

The maker suggested JB Weld, but that seems overkill, and I don't know if I can get it thin enough not to bulge out.

JB Weld is great stuff, but this may not be where it is needed.

Suggestions welcome.

Never heard of Julian Cope. What's the connection?

There is a song about Reynard (or Reynardine in this case) on Fairport Convention's "Liege & Lief," a classic album but an oldie (1968, or thereabouts).
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Julian Cope

OK, just played the video. Cool!

I couldn't follow the lyrics all that well -- I'm at work, and couldn't dial it up -- but it sounded like some reference to the death of Reynard.

In one story, he was killed for one of his crimes, and a funeral was held. But he didn't die after all (don't know the details of the story) and witnessed on the sly all that was said about him and his passing. And something about his wife, too, who took up with some beast after R's "death," and he wasn't too happy about it.

But I'm no scholar of medieval stories -- that's all I know.

I'll listen again from my home machine.
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Tape ... and the metal

Double-sided tape ... I hadn't thought of that. I may give it a try.

Contact cement is very strong, but it doesn't give you much flexibility in positioning the piece. It pretty much sticks "on contact."

She told me this was sterling silver -- I really don't know what that means!

She can do it shiny or matte -- I opted for the matte.
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No tarnish ... and a classic post!

It is not supposed to tarnish -- not sure when kind of metal alloy this is, but it is not aluminum. Now I've exhausted my knowledge of metallurgy.

And I have to say .... this post (below) is a classic!

"Whew...I looked at that quickly and it looked to me like it said "retard" but then I had a second look and read the I get it."
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Nice work! And what about the wife?

ToG, that thing is handsome!

Hand-carved silver ... you don't get that on an Rolls-Royce.

DH, that looks nice -- does this tell me you're from Texas? Very sharp work she does.

PegLeg, that's a spicy badge -- but you must not be married.
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