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I did a quick search but didnt find anything.

I'm creating an excell spreadsheet to track data. I was curious to know what kind of things you might track in your cycle log?

It's all ball bearings
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I personally log the following fields:
-Weather (wind, temp, sunny, cloudy, precip, etc)
-Route or race description
-Ride distance
-Ride time
-Placing (if in race)
-Max speed
-Avg speed
-Number and type of intervals, hill repeats, etc (if any)
-Max HR
-Avg HR
-Time in specific HR zones (if applicable)
-General qualitative comment about how I felt on the ride
-Any other noteworthy comments about the ride in general

I just started logging rides last year, so I have about 6 months of data. I rarely populate every field for every ride. It would be nice to be able to track power parameters, also.

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i just started one, it includes

-ride description
-general comments (ppl I rode w/, weather, results for races, etc)

it is organized by week and gives weekly and monthly totals for distance and time for both racing and training, and also overall totals.
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