CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro Trainer - MSRP $399

If you've been researching indoor trainers, it's almost a certainty you've come across CycleOps in your research. CycleOps makes training products ranging from the PowerTap on the road to full on indoor cycles to rear wheel trainers and rollers. They offer a range of trainers from their classic line, including wind, magnetic, and fluid trainers. But for those looking for the crème de la crème, CycleOps offers their Pro Series of trainers. The Pro Series includes the PowerBeam Pro ($1299 MSRP), the JetFluid Pro Trainer ($379 MSRP) and sitting in between the SuperMagneto Pro Trainer ($399). The SuperMagneto Pro is a magnetic trainer that makes use of four powerful rare earth magnets to provide four different resistance levels. With an easy turn of a dial, the trainer can be fine-tuned from an easy starting out pace to a very intense and challenging setting.

Out of the box, the SuperMagneto Pro comes pre-assembled and is ready to go as soon as you setup the trainer by pulling it's legs out and into position. A dial on the left leg will let you adjust the trainer should you have a funky uneven floor, but we found we didn't need to fiddle with it. The SuperMagneto Pro comes with a training skewer, a Race Day DVD, and instruction manual. A quick swap of skewers on our bike and we were prepared to mount our bike into the trainer. You'll want to pull back on the cam lever located behind the trainer to adjust the resistance unit back and into the fully open position and out of the way. Then you'll be able to easily position the bike onto the trainer, first by mating the driveside skewer into the fixed cone. The yellow clamp knob on the other side will lock the bike into place, but be sure you have the notches on the skewer side lined up for a secure lock. The bike should be stable on the trainer now, you'll then push the resistance unit up until it touches the rear tire and then lock it into place with the cam lever. Removing the bike is just as easy as reversing those steps. The process is very quick and we had to hesitation using the same bike on weekend rides and putting it into the trainer for night time rides after work.

The SuperMagneto Pro offers four resistance curves - easy, road, interval, and mountain. The versatility of trainer means it should appeal to a wide range of cyclist, from the new cyclist trying to ride more during bad weather indoors to the experienced rider looking for an intense workout. Easy setting is ideal for warming up before you up the intensity. When you're ready to ride hard, you have the choice of road, a setting that can be used to build up a steady sweat, interval setting introduces a more intense resistance level, and if you're looking to really challenge yourself the mountain setting should have your legs burning in no time. The trainer uses four rare earth magnets to control the different settings, with each setting the magnests move to different controlled working diameters as centrifugal force pushed them away from the center. The farther the magnets move away from the center, the higer the resistance. CycleOps also designed the flywheel with more material on the outer surface to deliver a smoother and more realistic road like feel.

In our testing, we found that we spent a lot more time in the two higher settings because they offered the most resistance and for the time challenged, you want to get the most intesnse workout in the most efficent of time. Though, it's sort of a bummer that you have to stop your session mid workout to get off and bump up the resistance, it's not a deal killer, but something to bare in mind. While on the trainer, the SuperMagneto Pro proved to be quite a workhorse, providing smooth realistic road like feel.

The SuperMagneto Pro is also extremely quiet, one of the quietest we've tested. The drawback on magnetic trainers has always been that they didn't offer progressive resistance, but CycleOps has that covered by offering you 4 different levels. The trainer averaged around 80db on our decible meter at a constant cadence on the road setting. The super stable frame makes it so that there was zero rumbling on the bare wooden floors where we tested the trainer.

Most people will set this up in front of a fan and a tv. Using the include Race Day DVD does help in getting the most out of the trainer, Robbie Ventura has done a great job with these DVDs. As the time is quickly passed while using the DVDs, CycleOps does offer other DVDs within the same series if you'd like to mix up the training a little bit.

Bottom Line

If you're looking for a high end trainer that's well designed, stable, and extremely quiet you've found it with the SuperMagneto Pro. The four settings available make it attractive to not only the novice cyclist starting out, but also for experienced riders looking for an intense workout. Though it is a small nuisance to have to get off in the middle of your session to bump up the resistance level, we'd still have no problem recommending this trainer to any level cyclist.

MSRP: $399
Weight: 18.4 lbs
Decible Reading while in use: 80db
Resistance Type: Magnetic
Wheel Sizes: 650b, 700c, 26", 27" 29"

[*]Pre-Built, easy to setup and get going...
[*]Versatile with 4 Resistance Levels - easy, road, interval, and mountain
[*]Pro Series frame provides excellent stability
[*]Lifetime warranty

[*]One of the more expensive CycleOps trainers
[*]Changing the resistance level requires you stop your session and dismount

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