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Fort Stevens..

mcsqueak said:
Anyone ever spent any time cycling through Astoria? I'm going there next week on a mini-vacation and considering dragging my bike down there as well.

I've visited Astoria plenty of times, but have never cycled there. Are the folks pretty nice to road cyclists? How's the riverfront path?

Also, I was considering climbing to the top of the hill with the Astoria Column. Some of the hills lower in town are killers, but I imagine I can find a good route.

I'd love to hear your experiences about the town!
state park has some nice roads and trails...road out to the S. Jetty is beautiful. you can park in Hammond somewhere or in the park iteself (BAttery Russell) and ride in....but use the non-fee entrance just north of the campground.

you can try your luck climbing 8th street in downtown....or up to the Astoria column through a number of different streets.

I believe there are some nice roads up north of Lewis and Clark St. parks in WA, across the bridge and up north of Ilwaco.

Wireless Rd. just south of town, across Youngs Bay might be nice...I've never ridden out there. grandparents lived in AStoria for 20+ years so I spent a lot of time there growing up.

if you want to take a short drive, Saddle Mt. road off HWY 26 is a monster climb.
I would suggest staying off Nehalem highway S.E. of Astoria...full of log trucks going WAY too fast.
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